About food uniting people

  • Take our diverse country, India, where there are so many cultures and hence, so many delicious dishes. Neighborhood is filled with these scenarios:   “Mrs.Iyer ne sambhar bheja hai ,  kal me rajama bana ke bhej dungi.” (Mrs.Iyer has sent Samber (south indian curry), I should send her rajma(Punjabi dish) tomorrow.) 🙂
  • We love sweets ! Any small or big celebration is incomplete without them. From the “our kid topped the class” to ” our daughter’s wedding”, food has always been there.
  • And how can I forget our festivals, “the avalanche of flavors” !
  • And we have welcomed around the world food so happily, be it Italian (my favorite :P) , Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Lebanese. We cannot imagine dinning out without these cuisines. Friends, family get together, all of them will not happen if we don’t have these foreign food!
  • Also, the concept of going out on a date would be weird (according to me) if it doesn’t include food.
  • Travelling to other countries not only gives your mind a change but also to your taste buds! knowing their culture, cuisines and through that you get to meet new people.

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